3’s INQ1 named best mobile in the world! Underdog done good.

3’s INQ1 ‘Facebook’ phone named Best Mobile Handset at the 2009 Global Mobile AwardsINQ logo

Look out Goliath, David’s got a grenade in his slingshot! In the biggest underdog triumph since Dodgeball, bargain smartphone the INQ1 has just won the mobile industry’s top award.  It beat off big brand competition from the Nokia E71, the BlackBerry Storm and the poor man’s iPhone (aka T-Mobile’s G1 Google-phone) to be named as the best mobile phone in the world! It’s great to see a young upstart take down the big old bruisers and win.  In honour of the victory I even bothered to put the ‘1’ in superscript just like the 3 press releases.


Way back at the launch of the INQ1 I was very impressed with the deep integration of Facebook and other social networking services into an easy to use, good value package.  It delivers exactly what today’s connected young adult really wants from a mobile phone, at less than half the price of an iPhone or G1. Read my original article: 3’s ‘Facebook-phone’ makes social networking truly mobile

A big congratulations to all the lovely folk at 3 and INQ.

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