5 Gift Ideas for Apple Lovers

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas presents are top of your agenda. But what do you get someone who has everything, or is just really difficult to buy for. Well if they love Apple, then they will love any of the gifts below. We’ve put them in order of price, just in case your love can’t stretch as far as an Apple Mac.

shuffleAt number one we have the Apple Shuffle, great for listening to music on the go. It’s a simple gadget that would bring a smile to anyone’s face at Christmas, or any other time really.

At £40 it’s not much to keep your annoying brother or sister quiet for a while.


apple-tvIf you know someone who loves watching TV, and you love them enough to spend £99 on them, then the Apple TV is ideal. With the Apple TV they will be able to rent HD movies, play YouTube, and even use iCloud to listen to music and watch photos.


Third on our list is the Apple iTouch. From just £169 you can give someone the gift of entertainment on the go. Not only will they be able to listen to music, but they can also download apps and play as many games as they like.

With this iTouch they will even be able to take stunning pictures of your special Christmas dinner together.

At number four we have the iPad 2. Now this is the ultimate entertainment centre, and comes with a price tag starting at £399.

I guess it depends on just how well behaved your loved one has been this year. With the iPad, they will able to use the internet, play games, read books, learn new things from thousands of apps, and take pictures, while they listen to music. This will keep them busy for many months to come.

Finally at number 5 we have the iPhone 4s. This has a starting price tag of £499, which will make many of you think ‘ouch’. This is the ultimate Christmas present you could give any Apple lover.

I’m sure every time they see this phone; they will definitely thank you for getting it for them.

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