Apple Car confirmed for release in 2019

phpt9o0c8It’s no secret that Apple has been exploring the possibility of breaking into the car industry with an electric car, but until now details have been fairly few and far between. However, a newly released report from the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the company has committed to the project and announced a projected release date for the car of 2019.

In a sudden surge of activity, the existing team of 600 working on ‘Project Titan’ has reportedly been tripled, with experts from the automotive industry having been brought on board in recent months.

With the release date being much sooner than expected, the report quashes rumours that the first ‘Apple Car’, as it’s being referred to by all but Apple, will be an autonomous vehicle. However, the fact that company has employed experts involved with self-driving cars strongly suggests that this is the direction the company intends the project to take.

It may be a bit of a departure from its usual direction, but Apple is certain to apply the same flair and expertise to Project Titan as it does to everything else it creates, and tech and automobile enthusiasts alike will be waiting with bated breath to see what it delivers in four years’ time.

What do you think of the prospect of an Apple Car?

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