Apple iPad: a non-Fanboi’s Review

Regular readers will know I’m a bit of an Apple Fanboi, no matter how hard I try to be objective I probably come across as a very forgiving critic. So, in the interests of balance, my good friend Stela Yordanova of Review Centre, who is way more pragmatic, independent minded and a born Apple skeptic has written a guest review of the Apple iPad. Please forgive me Mr Jobs…

If I have to spend £400+ on a product, my first question would be not whether it is a good product but what would I use it for, do I really need it and will it make my life easier.  Since the iPad has been so hyped up, I wanted to get my hands on one, use it for a while and figure out whether it is really a worthy £400 treat.Apple iPad Data Plans

I am now in the possession of the company’s iPad and frankly haven’t been that impressed.  No doubt it is great.  It looks cool, and let’s admit it, it feels so good to show off with it. But for £400, it is an expensive show off so let me tell you what I think it can and can’t do.

  • The iPad is not a phone, so you can’t make phone calls, unless using Skype or Voip.  You will need a mobile phone.  An iPhone gives access to all the same Apps, to 3G and wireless internet connection and all that stuff, and is a phone!
  • It is equipped with an iPod, but I don’t really see anyone, having an iPad clipped on a shirt, jacket or track suit and listen to music while commuting, jogging in the park or at the gym.  You will need an iPod or an MP3 player for that.
  • Let’s assume you want it for doing some work while you commute. You can’t use it the way you use your computer, whether a Mac or a PC.  For example you can’t run software like Word or Excel or prepare presentation slides.
  • The only thing you can really use it for is to browse the net through a 3G or Wi Fi network and use iPad applications.  It is great for facebooking, twittering, emailing, do some small updates on your personal blog, things I can refer to as “recreational web browsing”. But these are all stuff that you can do on a normal laptop for half the money.  Only, with your laptop you can do other things and be more productive.

So to keep me from being far too negative to the product of the year I would give my verdict as: The Perfect Holiday Companion, (people mostly use the internet for recreation while on holiday).  It is great to keep in touch through your social network, read the news and read some books on the iBooks app.  Other than that, it is only for showing off.

That’s me told!  Well to be honest I agree with many of Stela’s points which is why I haven’t yet bought one.  What do you think of the Apple iPad?

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  1. It would be a lot better if it could run programs such as word. I would love to use an iPad because they are quite practical for travel, but i just could not use it for business. Like what you said really, it is for showing off! Hopefully tablet computing becomes researched a bit more… That way they can give us something we can actually use for something productive :)

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