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Apple’s iPhone announcement: from rumour to reality

Since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, there has been endless speculation surrounding its successor/s. Over the past few months we’ve heard countless rumours and seen many supposedly leaked images of the next generation iPhones, but none of them could be confirmed until the eagerly awaited announcement from Apple HQ yesterday.

We look back at the rumours and see which proved to be true and which didn’t…

Iphone 5SiPhone 5S

As this was always the purpose of the unveiling, the announcement of the iPhone 5S was never going to be a revelation. It also came as no surprise that the new model has the same design as the iPhone 5 as is in keeping with previous ‘S’ models. However, there had been plenty of rumours surrounding the iPhone 5S that we were less certain of… 

The iPhone 5S will be significantly faster than previous models. TRUE.

The iPhone 5S is 5 times faster than iPhone 5 thanks to its new processor, the Apple A7, which can run 64 bit apps, as opposed to 32 bit. 

The iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor. TRUE. 

fingerprint sensorThis rumour only started circulating recently and its confirmation will come as exciting news to iPhone users who find the process of entering a code every time you pick up your phone, extremely tedious.

The fingerprint sensor is located on the home button and can store multiple fingerprints. Scanning an authorised fingerprint enables a function called ‘Touch ID’, which not only unlocks your phone, but eliminates the need to enter your Apple password every time you download a new app.

There will be a gold version of the iPhone 5S. TRUE. 

There was a certain amount of skepticism over the validity of this rumour, but it too has turned out to be correct. There will indeed be a fancy new ‘champagne gold’ iPhone 5S joining the existing black and white versions.

iPhone 5S GoldThe iPhone 5S will have an NFC chip so the handset can be used as a digital wallet. FALSE

It was widely rumoured that the iPhone 5S would incorporate an NFC (near field communication) chip to allow it to be used as a digital wallet although this has not come to fruition.

The iPhone 5S will have an option for additional storage. FALSE.

It was anticipated that the 5S would come with the option to add up to 128GB storage, but this was unfounded.

IOS 7 will be announced at the same time as new generation of iPhones. TRUE.

Again, this was no surprise. Apple did indeed announce the latest version of IOS, IOS 7, which boasts a range of new and improved features including a ‘share sheet’, which makes it easy to share content on social networks, and ‘AirDrop’, which allows you to drop files onto a friend’s nearby iPhone. 

IOS 7 will be released on 18 September along with iTunes radio. 

iPhone 5C

The rumour that a new “budget” iPhone would be released alongside the 5S had been circulating for a while and was widely expected to be confirmed. However, what was less certain were the details of this new model, and just how “budget” it would prove to be.

The iPhone 5C will be cheap. FALSE/TRUE.iphone5c_34l_allcolors_print

While the new iPhone 5C is certainly cheaper than the 5S, it is by no means cheap. In fact, in some cases, it will prove to be more expensive than an iPhone 4S.

However, if you interpret cheap to mean ‘of lesser quality’, that part is true. On the 5C, the sleek metallic back of the iPhone 5 has been replaced by a plastic one, and the specifications are much more akin to those of the existing (soon to be extinct) iPhone 5. 

The iPhone 5C will come in a range of bright colours. TRUE.

As predicted by many, the ‘C’ stands for colour, and the iPhone 5C certainly does that. The handset comes in a range of 5 different colours (green, blue, yellow, red and white) which, unsurprisingly, match the new colour schemes adopted in IOS 7.

New versions of the iPad and iPad Mini will be announced alongside the new iPhones. FALSE. 

This rumour was not really given much credence by Apple-philes, as previously Apple has announced updated versions of the iPad at a separate event. 

Over to you… 

What do you make of the new iPhones? Will you be getting one?

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