Blackberry SIM Only Deals

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Want a Blackberry SIM Only deal or mobile deal? Maybe you’ve got a spare Blackberry from work or you started off on a pay as you go Blackberry deal.  Or perhaps you just want to test the mobile coverage in your area on your old Blackberry before committing to an 18 month contract?

Either way, Blackberry SIM Only deals mean no long term commitment to a mobile operator and a lower monthly charge because you don’t have to pay for a Blackberry as part of your monthly fee. Different to other SIM Only deals, many Blackberry SIM Only Tariffs are designed to cover the additional cost of downloading and sending emails as well as the data charges you would incur from BBM, browsing the internet, using Facebook and so on.

UK’s cheapest Blackberry SIM Only mobile phone tariffs:

  Operator & Tariff Inclusive Mins & Texts Data Minimum Term Monthly
Best Deal1 Three Essential Internet SIM 200 50 mins & 500 texts 500MB 1 month rolling £9.90 Go To Website3 SIM Only
2 T-Mobile Pay Monthly SIM Only 100 mins & 5000 texts 250MB 1 month rolling £12.50 Go To WebsiteT-Mobile SIM Only
3 Vodafone SIM Only 150 mins & unlimited texts 250MB (+ 750MB BT Openzone access) 1 month rolling  £15.50 Go To Website Vodafone SIM Only
4 Orange Panther 10.50 SIM for Blackberry 100 mins & unlimited texts    250MB 1 month rolling £15.50 Go To Website Orange SIM Only
5 O2 Simplicity  100 mins & unlimited texts 500MB 1 month rolling  £16.50 Go To WebsiteO2 SIM Only

Last updated: 3rd September 2012

*Compares the cheapest one month Blackberry compatible SIM Only tariffs that have inclusive mins, text and at least 250MB data built in.

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Blackberry SIM Only FAQs

Why should I go for a Blackberry SIM Only deal?

  1. You can save up to £10 per month with Blackberry SIM Only deals, when compared to a tariff with the equivalent minutes and texts which includes a phone in the deal – ideal if you are happy with your current phone. That’s a saving of up to £120 a year!

  2. You only have to sign-up for a 30 day contract so you move to a standard tariff which includes a phone if you need or just want a new Blackberry at any time.

  3. Maybe you’ve moved house and still have a few months left on your contract but the mobile coverage in your new home is poor for your current network – why not switch to a cheap Blackberry SIM Only deal for a few months for only £15 a month to tide you over before you sign a new long term deal.

What do I need to have in order to benefit from a Blackberry SIM Only deal?

  • You must have already completed your minimum contract term with your current operator.
  • You must already have a Blackberry that you can use with the new SIM.  You may also need to request the handset unlock code from your current operator or get your Blackberry unlocked at a local mobile phone store.

Can I keep my number with a Blackberry SIM Only deal?

Yes! As with any other mobile contract you just request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current network and give this on to your new operator.  They then manage the process of moving your number to your new network.  You can even move your number after signing up for a Blackberry SIM Only deal.

Please leave a comment below if you have any hints or tips or questions about choosing a Blackberry SIM Only deal.

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