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SIM Only deals are mobile phone tariffs that are cheaper than normal mobile deals because they don’t include a phone subsidy.  They’re a great way to instantly reduce your monthly mobile phone bill if you’re out of contract.

Choosing a one month rolling contract also gives you the flexibility to change contracts or operator at short notice. Maybe you want to hold out for the new iPhone launch planned in a few months time? Perhaps you plan to move house and you don’t want to commit to a long term deal until you’ve tried the mobile coverage?

To get best SIM Only deal check out our comparison table below and read our SIM Only FAQs

The UK’s cheapest SIM Only 1 month tariffs*

Operator & Tariff Inclusive Mins & Texts Data Minimum Term Monthly
Best Deal1 Three Essential Internet SIM 200 200 mins & 5000 texts 500MB 1 month rolling £9.90 Go To Website3 SIM Only
2 Vodafone SIM Only 300 mins & 500 texts 250MB (+ 750MB BT Openzone access) 1 month rolling £9.50 Go To Website Vodafone SIM Only
3 Orange Dolphin 10.50 SIM 50 mins & unlimited texts  100MB 1 month rolling £10.50 Go To Website Orange SIM Only
4 T-Mobile Pay Monthly SIM Only 100 mins & 5000 texts 250MB  1 month rolling £12.50 Go To WebsiteT-Mobile SIM Only
5 O2 Simplicity  100 mins & unlimited texts 100MB 1 month rolling £13.50 Go To WebsiteO2 SIM Only

Last updated: 3rd September 2012

*Compares the cheapest one month SIM Only tariffs that have inclusive mins, text and data built in.

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Pay Monthly SIM Only Tariff FAQs

Why are SIM Only deals cheap?

SIM Only deals have really taken off in the last few year because they offer you much better value for money than a standard mobile phone tariff.  Normal mobile phone deals build the cost of the new phone into the monthly line rental. You pay a lower monthly line rental – roughly £10 to £15 lower – for the equivalent minutes and texts as a deal that includes a new mobile phone.  In 12 months the cheapest SIM Only deals will save you up to £120.

Why should I go pay monthly SIM Only?

With SIM Only mobile phone tariffs you get two major benefits:

  1. You’ll normally save £10 to £15 per month with SIM Only, when compared to a tariff with the equivalent minutes and texts that includes a phone in the deal. That’s at least £120 a year!
  2. You only have to sign-up for a 30 day contract which means you have the freedom to move to a SIM Only deal the day your current contract ends and then move to a standard tariff which includes a phone whenever you need or want. For example, maybe after 3 months with a SIM Only deal your current phone breaks or perhaps you’re waiting for the launch of a particuar new phone.  You can immediately switch to a new deal that includes a phone.  I changed my contract to SIM Only whilst awaiting the launch of the iPhone 3G which saved me £80 over 4 months!

What do I need to have in order to benefit from a SIM Only tariff?

  • You must have already completed your minimum contract term with your current operator.
  • You must already have a suitable mobile phone that you can use with the SIM.  You may need to request the handset unlock code from your current operator.

Can I keep my number with SIM Only?

Yes! As with any other mobile phone contract you just request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current operator and then pass this on to your new one.  The operators then manage the process of porting your number for you.  You can even port your number after signing up for SIM Only.

To find out  more about the best SIM Only deals just click on the big blue buttons above to go to the operator’s websites.

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