EyeLock Myris brings iris scanning to household devices

eyelock myrisAnother exciting product to be unveiled at CES 2014 was the EyeLock Myris iris scanner. EyeLock produces iris scanners for security checkpoints but they have now developed a portable iris scanner to bring the ultimate in security to household computers.

Apple brought biometric scanners into the mainstream by incorporating a fingerprint scanner into the new iPhone 5S, but EyeLock aims to provide even tighter security for our devices as iris scanning is much more reliable than biometrics.

A fingerprint has a one in 10,000 chance of resulting in a false positive but with an iris scan the likelihood is closer to one in 1.5 million, and one in 2.25 trillion with both eyes. Introducing the product, EyeLock’s Marketing Officer, Anthony Antolino explained:

“Iris, as a human part of the body, is second only to DNA in terms of its ability to authenticate someone with certainty. No two people on the planet have the same iris texture. Not even identical twins.”

EyeLock MyrisThe Eyelock Myris is a small mouse-size scanner that plugs into the USB port of your computer or other device. All you have to do is look at the scanner and it will scan and record your iris, and use it to unlock whatever device or service you are trying to access.  It’s compatible with Windows PCs, Macs and Chromebooks, and can support up to five different users.

EyeLock allayed concerns over the scanner falling into the wrong hands by insisting that the system is designed to be hack-proof. Not only do the files never leave the device but the scanners are only designed to work with a live scan.

EyeLock plans to release the Myris scanner later in the year but has not set a price as yet.

Could this be an end to having to remember endless passwords? I certainly hope so! 

Over to you…

Do you think iris scanning could be the future of tech security? 

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