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What is mobile phone recycling?

Mobile phone recycling is a great way to do your bit for the environment whilst also making a bit of money. Several companies will pay you hard cash if you send them your old phone.  When they get your mobile they’ll either refurbish it and sell it on or strip it down for recycling.

How much money can I make from recycling my mobile phone?

The money you can earn varies tremendously depending on the age, condition, specification and brand of your phone.  You could earn anything between £5 and £250.  Phones that are 3 or more years old or those with basic specifications like entry level, cheap Pay as you go phones will earn a a few quid whilst smartphones that are only a year or two old may earn you £100 to £200.

How do I get the best price for recycling my mobile phone?

Each recycling company may offer a different price for your mobile so you need to shop around for the best quote.  Visit our new website Recycle Your Gadget to compare the best prices from mobile phone recycling companies in the UK.

Can I recycle cameras, iPods, and games consoles?

Yep, you can recycle cameras, recycle ipods, recycle xbox or sat nav for cash!  It pays to do your bit for the environment!

Let us know your views on mobile phone recycling

Have you recycled your mobile phone?  Which mobile phone recycling company have you had the best experience with? How smoothly did it go and how much money did you make? Why not share your experiences by adding a comment below.


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