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Looking for an iPad SIM Only deals?  If you’ve bought the 3G version of the new iPad 3 or iPad 2 but you didn’t buy it with a mobile operator’s pay monthly contract you will need to sign-up for an iPad SIM card and 3G contract in order to make use of the 3G access built in to the device. 

Using the 3G capability on your iPad means you can connect to the internet even when you don’t have access to free Wifi whilst away from home – as long as you have a 3G connection of course!  This means you can use your iPad whilst on the train, in coffee shops or pubs, at your parents house or in the car (assuming you’re not driving!).  

The UK’s cheapest iPad SIM Only tariffs*

  Operator & Tariff Data Minimum Term Monthly
Best Deal1 Three iPad Micro-SIM Only 1GB 30 days £7.50 Go To Website3 SIM Only
4 T-Mobile Mobile Broadband SIM Only 1GB 30 days £7.50 Go To WebsiteT-Mobile SIM Only
2 Orange iPad 10 Mobile Broadband  1GB (+ 1GB Quiet time + Unltd BT Wi-Fi) 30 days £10 Go To Website Orange SIM Only
3 O2 Data Plan for iPad 1GB (+ unlimited O2 Wifi hotspot access) 30 days  £10.21 Go To WebsiteO2 SIM Only
5 Vodafone SIM Only iPad Data Plan 2GB (+ 1GB BT Openzone Wi-Fi) 30 days  £15.00 Go To Website Vodafone SIM Only

Last updated: 1st December 2012

*Compares the cheapest one month iPad compatible SIM Only tariffs with at least 1GB data built in.

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iPad SIM Only Deals FAQs

Tips for choosing an iPad SIM Only deal

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing your iPad SIM Only data plan.  Here are our tips for choosing the best iPad SIM Only deal:

  1. How much mobile data do you really need?  If you’re mainly using your iPad at home and you have Wi-Fi then you only need a low data bundle.
  2. How good is the 3G coverage for each network in the areas you think you’ll use your 3G iPad the most?  Maybe you need to check the coverage at Grandma’s house, the local coffee shop or your favourite park bench?
  3. Do you want Wi-Fi hotspot coverage in whilst out and about?  As with mobile broadband and the iPhone tariffs some network providers include the normally faster, more reliable Wi-Fi Hotspot access such as The Cloud and BT Openzone as part of their 3G SIM data plan.
  4. If you bought the iPad without 3G built in don’t despair you could always try 3’s MiFi mobile broadband WiFi modem. You can also then share your 3G connection with your laptop and a grand total of any four WiFi compatible devices.

What is an iPad SIM Card?

iPad’s use a Micro-SIM card which is much smaller than a traditional SIM card and the same as you’ll find in an iPhone 4 or 4S.  A normal SIM card will not fit inside a an iPad so don’t just buy any old mobile broadband SIM! 

Can I get a better deal by buying an iPad and an iPad SIM together? 

The simple answer is yes!  You can save up to £300 on the upfront cost of an iPad by signing up to an iPad on contract deal with a mobile phone operator.  Check out the top 10 iPad contract deals.

My iPad has 4G.  How do I get a 4G SIM or connection?

The iPad has had 4G built in since the 3rd generation came out in early 2012. Unfortunately this is only currently compatible with North American 4G standards and it is unlikely that these iPads will ever work with 4G in the UK.  4G is due to start rolling out in September 2012 in the UK but this will be based upon the European 4G standards.  Expect Apple to roll out a UK 4G compatible iPad once 4G networks go live over here although perhaps only after it’s been available for a few months.

Have you got an iPad SIM Only deal?  What’s your experience so far?  Please let us know or ask a question below!

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