iPhone SIM Only and Nano SIM Deals

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iPhone SIM Only deals have become very popular in large part due to Apple’s annual launch of a new iPhone driving their fanatical base of followers into a 12 month renewal cycle.  Many of us no longer want to be tied in to 18 or 24 month deals and get stuck with last season’s iPhone when there are the latest new versions on the loose!

Maybe you’ve shelled out £500 for an iPhone direct from Apple or perhaps you’ve picked up a good used iPhone on eBay – either way iPhone specific SIM Only tariffs and deals could be ideal for you.  They offer cheaper monthly costs because you don’t have to pay back the subsidy of the iPhone to your operator as part of your monthly fee.

The UK’s cheapest iPhone SIM Only 1 month tariffs*

  Operator & Tariff Inclusive Mins & Texts Data Minimum Term Monthly
Best Deal1 Three Essential Internet SIM 200 200 mins & 5000 texts All-you-can-eat (Unlimited) 1 month rolling £12.90 Go To Website3 SIM Only
2 T-Mobile Pay Monthly SIM Only 100 mins & 5000 texts 750MB 1 month rolling £15.50 Go To WebsiteT-Mobile SIM Only
3 O2 Simplicity  100 mins & unlimited texts 500MB 1 month rolling  £16.50 Go To WebsiteO2 SIM Only
4 Vodafone SIM Only 300 mins & unlimited texts 500MB (+ 750MB BT Openzone access) 1 month rolling  £20.50 Go To Website Vodafone SIM Only
5 Orange Dolphin 10.50 SIM 300 mins & unlimited texts    500MB 1 month rolling £20.50 Go To Website Orange SIM Only

Last updated: 3rd September 2012

*Compares the cheapest one month iPhone compatible SIM Only tariffs that have inclusive mins, text and at least 500MB data built in.

Tips for getting the best iPhone SIM Only deal

  1. If you want to get an iPhone 5 SIM Only deal you’ll need to get the new Nano SIM, different to the SIM used in other phones.
  2. Coverage is key – make sure you check the 3G mobile coverage for a network before you sign up to a SIM Only deal.
  3. Go for 1 month rolling SIM Only contracts if you have any doubts about coverage or commitment – 12 month contracts offer better value but you’re locked into the payments.  In fact you could try a couple of one month contracts to test coverage before settling down with a new network on a longer term deal.
  4. Upgrading to the iPhone 4?  Why not recycle or sell your old iPhone?  You can get between £100 and £300 for old iPhones via mobile recycling companies or by advertising on eBay.  Compare recycling prices with our sister site RecycleYourGadget.com
  5. Consider the inclusion of WiFi hotspot access in your SIM Only deal as this can offer more reliable, faster data connections in places like coffee shops and airports whilst also reducing your chance of exceeding your 3G data limit. Exceeding your limit can be very costly…
  6. Buy enough data!  It’s too tempting to try and pick the cheapest deal with only a small amount of data – but you’re only kidding yourself.  The beauty of the iPhone is the amazing Apps and internet access and you’ll constantly be using data.  Even using the Maps App uses data to download the local map so you can’t just rely on free Wifi spots for  your data usage.  Make sure you get at least 500MB of data in your package – we’ve only included deals with 500MB of data or more in our comparison above!

Have you already gone SIM Only with your iPhone?  Let us know your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment below.

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