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Krups Nescafé Dulce Gusto – Review

Krups Nescafé Dulce Gusto

The Krups Nescafé Dulce Gusto is more than just a coffee machine which is why it gets a mention here on Gadget Stylist. This is unlike those old filter coffee machines and is so much simpler and easier to use than a full espresso maker like they use in coffee shops. The Dulce Gusto is the most gadget inspired machine out there, and is also good at refuelling us tech heads with a nice cup of coffee. We need to stay wired. This isn’t the only kind of coffee machine where adding a pod to make a drink is all it takes, there are other kinds, hell, even Tesco make one, but for just a few pennies more one of these can be had.

Now the unboxing of the Krups coffee maker isn’t much to write about, but everything you need is in the box and I put it together in a matter of minutes. It’s really just a drip tray with a metal plate and the water tank. There are a few steps to run through when you first start it up, such as flushing hot and cold water through it, so on and so forth but the instruction manual is ever so simple, even if it looks busy on the eye as it’s written in so many langauges.

Once it’s all set up which all in only took around 15 minutes it is ready to make a coffee, and this is the fun gadget part of the machine. The Dulce Gusto comes with 12 free pods for drinks, but I did go out and buy a few boxes to try a few different brews and see just how well it makes them. A little insight in to me, years and years ago I was a trained Barista whilst studying at school, so I know how to make an espresso and how to froth milk making me fully capable of saying just how good this machine is at making one a latté or cappuccino.

The Dulce Gusto is a really simple coffee machine to use. At the front there is a lever that you lift, and a little drawer you pull out. You place one of the pods into the drawer and put it back into the machine, pull the lever down and it’s all set. Each type of pod has a different use. Some, like the espresso you only run for a 40ml drink, whereas the americano, for example, you run for almost a full cup of coffee. Don’t worry though as each box of pods tell you how much water to run through a pod. There is a lever on top that flicks left for cold water or right for hot water. All the coffee pods I have bought require the hot water so I’m not sure why there is a cold water option, but maybe if you don’t want a red hot coffee and want to drink it quickly a dash of cold water helps.

Some of the pods, like the chococino ones I bought, come in two parts, one pod for the chocolate and one for the milk. For this drink, you run the chocolate pod first for half a cup and the milk pod for the other half. It’s not the same as real milk but it works really well and is a lot quicker and easier than heating your milk up. How it tastes is extremely good too. On Saturday my house became a coffee shop with my friends, a bit like Central Perk in a way, and we were all drinking the different type of coffee and I was getting everyone’s opinions. I was singing the Rembrandts song in my head all day.

We started with the basic, a classic americano. This is like an espresso shot, but not a tiny drink a full cup and then you can just add a dash of milk, or not if you want it black. This was a really decent coffee and much better than an instant coffee. What’s great is that this takes about 15 seconds whereas boiling a kettle takes much longer. This is good as gives us more time on our gadgets. The coffee tasted smooth and rich but not overpoweringly strong. Swiftly we moved on to a lungo. This is very similar to an americano but deeper and not as watery. A very nice coffee indeed. It made me think of the americano after this as a posh filter coffee.

The latté was a good one to try as this is one of the drinks that uses two pods, the coffee and the milk pod. For this you run the milk pod first and put just over 3/4’s of a cup in, and then the coffee pod next just topping it up. Again these tasted very good. It wasn’t as milky tasting as a real latté with heated milk, but as a super posh instant coffee it was really nice. The milk had a slight froth to it, and the coffee came out and left a lovely café creme, which tells me that it really is fresh coffee, not instant granules.

The last coffee we made was a cappuccino. A cappuccino should be served in equal measures. By this I mean one third of the cup the espresso, one third hot milk and one third froth, the lovely velvety head that gets a chocolate dusting. The pods made a good cappuccino, though sadly wasn’t a true Italian cappuccino. The espresso was the first pod, and I ran it for a third of the cup which looked lovely, smelt fresh and had that really nice café creme on top. The next pod is the milk pod but it didn’t give a true third milk, third froth finish. There was a nice amount of froth and hot milk, but the head wasn’t as vast as a fresh cappuccino made in Starbucks or Costa, and didn’t stay on top for long, it kind of fizzled out. They did taste really good though and was a pleasant cup of coffee.

I know what you’re now thinking. Yes this is a gadget blog and I have spent half of this talking about coffee, but this is because it is like a gadget coffee machine. Back to the machine in question, it is very simple to use once you find the English text in the user manual. The switch on the front has an LED around it which glows red/green depending on what you’re doing, and the manual tells you what to do under each circumstance. The water tank holds 1.3 litres which is plenty I feel, you wouldn’t want more than in there in case the water goes stale. I’m not sure whether it would but I wouldn’t want a coffee with water than had been sitting in there for a while. There’s nothing against turning it off at the plug, so it’s good that you don’t have to keep it on and use electricity on it all day.

Krups Nescafé Dulce Gusto red

I do have a couple of grievances with it though. My first is the water tank. It holds 1.3L but there is no indication on the side of it where that is, and I filled it up, and after leaving it a couple of hours full without use, I noticed that I had a large pool of water on my worktop. I had clearly filled it up too much, but there is no marker telling me where to stop. The machine is quite noisy too when running the water through a pod, I know this is probably the element inside heating the water or the water feed pulling the water up into the machine, but it just doesn’t give a good impression of build quality, even though it is a very good build quality.

There are 26 different types of pods for the Dulce Gusto, even including Nesquik chocolate flavour but there are no pods available for tea drinkers. I am also an avid tea drinker and was slightly upset by this. The Tassimo coffee machine, the Dulce Gusto’s biggest rival does several different tea pods.

Krups Nescafé Dulce Gusto Ivory

All told this is a really good coffee maker though. The Dulce Gusto can make a coffee in around 20/30 seconds depending on what variety, be it americano, latté or lungo. The ease of use and simplicity is really very good and I can’t speak highly enough of it.The Dulce Gusto black is £99.99 through Currys and the red one is on offer(at time of publishing) for £89.99 , and the pods are between £3 or £4 in the shops but as I found, not all shops sell all of them. Tesco had a limited range as they were pushing the pods for their own machine.

This will fit into most people’s kitchen decors as it does come in a choice of colours. The black is standard, but also comes in Ivory, Red and a few others. This is the perfect gadget for a tech fan such as myself as it’s quick to use and doesn’t make you sit and wait for the kettle to boil, leaving you with more time to play with your gadgets, phone or what have you.

So if you’re really into coffee or hot chocolate this is certainly one machine to consider, in fact the only one to consider. It is much simpler than a dedicated espresso machine, but so much nicer on the pallet than instant coffee or a filter coffee machine. Ultimately this is the perfect “inbetweener” for coffee lovers. If I was on The Gadget Show, I’d give this 4 out of 5 G’s – which can work for Gadget Stylist too – for it only loses 1 point for the little grievances I have, but these aren’t powerful enough to detract you from purchasing.

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