New gadget for Xmas? Recycle your old camera, iPod or Sat Nav for cash or karma!

‘Tis the season to get new gadgets for Christmas…  but what should you do with your old, redundant gadgets? Recycle them of course!

Chucking your old digital camera, ipod, sat nav or games console in the bin is seriously bad for the environment as the nasty chemicals inside the battery and other gubbins leak into the ground. You’re also depriving yourself or a charity of the cash you could earn for recycling your gadget through one of the many recycling companies who are willing to buy your old and unwanted camera or early iPod Nano off you.

You’ve probably heard of mobile phone recycling already so you know the deal – you compare recycling prices offered by a range of recycling companies,  such as Mazuma Mobile or Simply Drop, pick the best one, send them your phone and they send you cash in return. It’s just the same when you recycle cameras, sat navs, games consoles and iPods. Recycle Camera

As it’s the season of giving you may want to consider Charity Recycling instead.  Lots of charity’s now accept donations for all kinds of gadgets and mobile phones. You just send them your old kit and they exchange it for a donation from one of the recycling companies mentioned above. Cash for them, good karma for you!

Want to find out more about how to recycle ipods, sat navs, mobiles and cameras whilst also getting the best price?  Just have a look at our sister website!


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