Apple’s reuse and recycle programmes: not all they’re cracked up to be

apple recycleApple has just launched a trade-in programme in the US where people can bring old iPhones into their local Apple store and exchange them for credit towards a new one.

Currently the scheme is only operating in the States, but it’s rumoured that it will eventually roll out worldwide. Apple already has an online ‘reuse and recycling programme’, which is accessible to all, but it’s not all that well advertised and doesn’t really offer the best trade-in prices.

Apple’s recycling programmes also have a number of catches. The new retail trade-in programme requires the customer to use their credit note immediately, towards another iPhone only, and under a new contract, which is activated on the day of purchase. The value that you receive for your old iPhone also varies considerably, and in some cases, handsets can be deemed to be have no resale value at all.

With all the hype surrounding these programmes, it’s easy to forget that there are already existing recycling programmes in place which can offer more cash in exchange for your old phone, and which don’t have any of the catches associated with the Apple schemes.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.02.22Recycle Your Gadget is a price comparison site where you can find the best price for recycling a wide variety of gadgets, from phones and iPads to cameras and games consoles.

We compared the price offered for a number of different iPhone models on Apple’s online reuse and recycle programme with that offered on and Recycle Your Gadget came out on top each time, and with no strings attached!

Check it out for yourself at Not only will you get the best price for trading in your old handset, but you can upgrade on your own terms. 

Over to you…

Do you recycle your old gadgets?

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Pebble watch for iPhone and Android

Here at GadgetStylist we love tech, even those that aren’t out yet and when we caught wind of the new Pebble watch for iPhone and Android it was worth sharing with you.

We found this news on Kickstarter which is a great place for people to pitch their ideas and plans for products they want to create, and helps them gather the necessary funding to make their dream come true. 

As they say them self, the Pebble is the first watch built for the 21st century. Not completely true as the Sony Smartwatch is already out and does similar tricks to this but the Pebble is completely customisable with the ability to add new watch faces and add useful internet-connected apps.

The Pebble will connect to iPhone’s as well as Android phones whereas the Sony will only connect fully to the Sony Xperia S, and almost all functionality on other Android devices. This features this phone promises can be used for running and cycling connecting to your phones GPS to track distance and time, it can control the music playing on your phone so if you’ve it docked in a speaker system so without moving you can switch track or volume, read texts and notices, or dismiss calls with the shake of your wrist.

The screen is made from e-paper which from the video on Kickstarter looks very similar to that of the Kindles E-Ink displays. It will be available in 3 colours, Arctic White, Jet Black and Cherry Red, as well as one choice you can vote for.

Now on Kickstarter we can see there have been 45,109 backers to the project and so far pledged $6,645,515 of the $100,000 with 22 days left, so it is safe to say they have the backing to create this. With 22 days left you can still back it so go ahead. Us iPhone users really want a watch that can connect to it.

There’s so many more features to this phone that I just cannot list here, so check it out for yourself, follow the link above.

The iLuv Vibro II Shakes You to Wake You

Long gone are the days of a little metal alarm clock that rattled its bells at you and forced you to throw it at a wall, now you can have an iLuv Vibro II which is also a dock and charger for your iPhone, wakes you to FM radio, iPhone music, buzzer or a shaker.

iLuv Vibro II

The Vibro II is a really unique alarm clock. It’s not the first alarm clock with an iPhone/iPod dock that charges them, but with the added incentives of an FM radio to be awoken by Chirs Moyles on Radio 1, and a buzzer alarm as well so you don’t nod back off its clever. The feature I really like is the Shaker. You put it under your pillow and it shakes your bed to wake you up. This is great if you’re a really heavy sleeper.

To top it off, if you download the free iLuv app, you can tranform the alarm clock into an Internet radio offering up over 40,000 stations.

To put it simply, this is THE alarm clock to go for. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone, there is a 3.5mm jack so you can plug in any MP3 player or phone to listen to your music, just sadly it won’t charge it like it would an iPhone/iPod

This alarm clock is also available in 4 great colours. White, as pictured, as well as black, pink and navy blue. Choices are tough to make, but black and white are my favourites.

 – Gary  

WeSC Oboe Headphones: Review

WeSC Oboe headphones

WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) are a Swedish clothing brand, which have played on the underdog image in the UK, but are in fact one of Sweden’s biggest clothing companies. A couple of years ago they dove into the headphone market, going for cool yet quality devices. Recently these have become very popular, you see them wrapped around heads in London more and more each month.

My favourite design are the WeSC Oboe headphones. Quality tones meets a retro design that are functional and stylish. They come in lots of colours, such as white, black, yellow, red and the inserts on the side in silver and gold.  I plumped for green grape ones with gold inserts. They are very comfy thanks to the soft cushioning, and can be worn for hours without discomfort. The wire that travels from the left ear cone to a 3.5mm jack is made out of cord, are very strong and have a connector to split the headphones from the cable which is great. You can take them off, but keep the cable tucked inside your top. The newest Oboe headphones even have an in-line mic, ideal for an iPhone user to listen to your tunes and take calls.

The tech itself is thanks to JL Audio, whose “JL” logo gets branded on the side also. As standard, they offer nice rich, deep bass tones and enough treble to balance it nicely. The on-ear design kills outside noise, and unlike some on-ear phones the sound does hit you deep in your head, and not like something playing out of speakers on your ears. With a decent MP3 player, you can change the levels on the equaliser, and make these sound even better.

Ultimately, I can’t say enough good things about these headphones for the money. The Oboe design ranges from £40 to £70 depending on colour, in-line mic and which year you grab. 2011 models and colours are now cheaper than the 2012 designs.

If you don’t want to cough up big bucks for Dr. Dre’s headphones, or B&W headphones, but still want top quality sounds kissing your ears, WeSC headphones are the ones to go for. Hey, I’m a big tech head and these are my weapon of choice. Even for online gaming on the PC they are spot on. 

Happy headphone shopping :-)

 – Gary Cook

It’s iOS 5 day! But how do you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 5?

Own an iPhone but have no idea how to upgrade to iOS5? Read on…

One thing that always astounds me is how many iPhone users don’t know how to upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone operating system – also known as iOS.  I wont publically name any names here but you all know who you are!

iOS 5 features
iOS 5 includes a host of new features including iMessages, Notification Centre, Reminders and PC Free updates

Apple peridocially update iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads.  There is normally one large release per year and today is the launch of the long awaited iOS5 – the 5th major incarnation of the ground breaking mobile device software.  Apple will also release what’s know in the tech world as ‘point releases’, minor releases that make less significant improvements and to incorporate bug fixes to the software.  iOS4.3.5 was the final point release before iOS 5.

The best thing is that iOS updates are now FREE – so why would you not want to get new features and better, more stable software for your iDevice when it costs you nothing but your time?

The great thing about iOS5 is that it promises to make updating your iPhone or iPad operating system much easier, updating itself over a WiFi connection automatically – but in order to enable this for your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 you will need to upgrade to iOS 5 via your Mac or PC.

Don’t be scared! It’s very easy to do.  Here’s my dummies guide:

Dummies Guide to upgrading your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to iOS5Update to iOS 5

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the PC or Mac which you normally to sync music or which you used to set-up your phone via the white USB cable that doubles as your charger lead.
  2. Open iTunes on your PC or Mac.
  3. You should see the name of your iPhone/iPad in the left column underneath the heading Devices. Click on the entry for your iPhone/iPad.
  4. Make sure you are on the ‘Summary’ tab (check at the top of the iTunes main window).
  5. Click on the large ‘Check for Update’ button and wait for it to run it’s checks.
  6. Click to ‘download and install’ the new software and leave your PC or Mac to it.  This step will probably take a long while and depends on the speed of your broadband provider.
  7. Follow the onscreen prompts for passwords and accepting any t’s & c’s.
  8. Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt and your iPhone now has iOS 5!

I told you it was easy…

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 3GS update to iOS5 may not be available on October 12th 2011 but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you have any further tips please add a comment below!