Three announce new, faster MiFi modem

Three has recently announced their new Mobile Wi-Fi device, the Huawei E586 MiFi, which will be the first mobile Wi-Fi device in the UK to feature HSPA+ mobile broadband technology.

3's new MiFi for mobile Wifi
3's new MiFi for mobile Wifi

Compared to the existing MiFi, the new Huawei E586 MiFi, is said to be a lot faster. When it is launched the speed should be 40% faster, however this will increase as they develop it further.

The features that existing MiFi users love, are still there, although there are some new additions. It’s not just the speed that is a bonus, but also it will be a lot easier to pair up new gadgets, as users will be able to se their Wi-Fi username and password at the touch of a button.

Three Mifi
Three Mifi

David Kerrigan, the head of mobile broadband at Three said “As the UK’s biggest 3G mobile broadband network, we’re delighted to introduce our high speed mobile Wi-Fi product. This joins our award winning HSPA+ dongles making us the only operator offering an entirely next generation HSPA+ enabled range of mobile broadband products.”

The new Huawei E586 MiFi will be available in stores and online from September.

Visit the Three Store to find out more

iPad 2 3G? Try Mobile WiFi instead!

With the UK iPad 2 launch only seconds away the queues are forming in High Streets across the country.  But the biggest dilemma discussed in the office this week was whether to go for a 3G version or WiFi only?3 Mifi - Mobile Wifi

The 3G version will mean you can stay connected wherever you are just as long as you can get 3G coverage on your chosen network.  The downside is you have to pay more for the iPad 3G or tie yourself to a 24 month contract in return for a subsidised iPad on contract deal.

There is an alternative which increases your flexibility and can be better value – Mobile Wifi

Several operators sell Mobile Wifi devices such as 3’s MiFi, T-Mobile‘s Wireless Pointer and other Mobile Wifi modems from  Vodafone and Orange. Mobile Wifi is like a cross between a 3G mobile broadband dongle (those little USB gadgets that you plug into your laptop to get 3G internet access) and a wireless router (thing box that shares your broadband connection wirelessly around your home over WiFi). You effectively carry your own personal, 3G powered WiFi hotspot with you that you can connect to up to 5 WiFi devices such as Apple iPad’s, laptops, iPod Touch and so on.

Using a Mobile Wifi device means you can share your 3G connection with several devices at once whether you have your iPad with you or not. You can also test your usage on Pay as you go rather than sign up for a 2 year contract and find that your iPad rarely leaves the lounge.

I’ve got a 3 Mifi mobile wifi router and so far it has been excellent.  The coverage from 3 has been surprisingly good, way better than my O2 iphone coverage. Download speeds have seemed as fast as they are at home and the modem battery lasts for hours. The device is the size of a small mobile phone and looks good.

For £70 I got a pay as you go Mifi from 3 which included 3GB of data download which should last me a couple of months.  I then just top it up as I go or switch to a contract if I end up using it more regularly than I expect.

So you not only save £100 on the cost of an iPad 2, but you also have freedom to use your 3G connection with whichever Wifi devices you fancy and you can test it out on Pay as you go rather than sign up to a 24 month contract for something you may ultimately rarely use.

Check out Mobile Wifi with Three, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

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What the WiFi is MiFi?

3 MiFi mobile broadband Wi-FiMiFi is the hot new product in mobile broadband. Both 3 and Vodafone have announced they will launch MiFi before Christmas with other networks set to follow. But what is MiFi?

Our pals over at have put together a MiFi – Mobile broadband Wi-Fi modems guide to explain what it is and to highlight the pros and cons of this new gadget technology.

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