It’s Prime Time for a New Tablet

Asus Transformer Prime

2012 is the prime time to buy a tablet as technology has leaped forward vast amounts and you can really get a top device such as the new Asus Transformer Prime which pushes all the boundaries.

This isn’t a review as sadly we can’t get our hands on it yet, but the Transformer Prime has everything. It’s the thinnest tablet to date packed with Androids Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and running on a Tegra 3 chip which is quad-core, as well as a full USB port to plug peripherals in such as a digital camera to import pictures or a PS3 controller for games. The Prime has an 8MP camera and the cherry on is the detachable keyboard and a whopping 18hr battery life. The device is Wi-Fi only, so nowhere to put a Sim Card in, but this doesn’t stop you using it anywhere, with the likes of Three’s Mi-Fi dongle which gives you Wi-Fi on the go, anywhere. As long as you have a 3G signal for that to connect to.

Just to pick up briefly on a couple of those highlights, the detachable keyboard is the same size as the tablet and very slim, with a full track pad and click button, making this more of a mobile NetBook than a tablet. The Camera puts out some high quality images as I’ve seen through test shots but honestly, who needs a camera on a tablet!? If you’re looking to become the next David Bailey, you’re not going to be taking pictures with a Tablet, and it’s not the worlds most portable gadget for quick snaps. That’s what a phone is for.

The quad-core processor is a mammoth chip with serious power. We’re talking a Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset, with the CPU being quad-core and clocked at 1.3GHz. This all helps the Super IPS+ LCD screen and runs Ice Cream Sandwich without a seconds hesitation.

Simply put, this phone should crush the iPad and if enough people stop to give it a look, could be a competitor in the sales department too. Side by side, the screen is better, it’s cheaper and the Prime’s Tegra 3 chip handles movies and apps better. I just hope soon there are as many apps on the Android Market as there are on Apple’s App Store. With 32GB or 64GB (your choice depending on your budget) and the capability of taking a 32GB MicroSD card, there is plenty of room for all your apps and content. If I had the Transformer Prime, I would fill it with videos as that screen lends itself to clarity.

Ultimately I can’t speak highly enough of this device, and we’ve not even met each other yet. I’ll stick to the Motorola Xoom. For now.

Gary Cook