Apple’s reuse and recycle programmes: not all they’re cracked up to be

apple recycleApple has just launched a trade-in programme in the US where people can bring old iPhones into their local Apple store and exchange them for credit towards a new one.

Currently the scheme is only operating in the States, but it’s rumoured that it will eventually roll out worldwide. Apple already has an online ‘reuse and recycling programme’, which is accessible to all, but it’s not all that well advertised and doesn’t really offer the best trade-in prices.

Apple’s recycling programmes also have a number of catches. The new retail trade-in programme requires the customer to use their credit note immediately, towards another iPhone only, and under a new contract, which is activated on the day of purchase. The value that you receive for your old iPhone also varies considerably, and in some cases, handsets can be deemed to be have no resale value at all.

With all the hype surrounding these programmes, it’s easy to forget that there are already existing recycling programmes in place which can offer more cash in exchange for your old phone, and which don’t have any of the catches associated with the Apple schemes.

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Over to you…

Do you recycle your old gadgets?

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