Everything Everywhere to launch 4G (but not everywhere just yet)

Great news for speed obsessed, data hungry smartphone and tablet lovers – Everything Everywhere will launch 4G in the UK before the end of the year! 

Ofcom have granted the group which combined both of the Orange and T-Mobile brands permission to launch a 4G network on their existing mobile spectrum. User Benefits of 4G

Mobile coverage will initially be limited to major metropolitan areas, similar to when 3G initially rolled out, and only a handful of devices are likely to support 4G in the UK at that time.  It remains to be confirmed if current 4G devices, most notably the 4G supporting iPad 3, will be compatible with UK 4G – previous speculation suggests not. 

Everything Everywhere also announced that they will be launching a new third brand which will sit alongside Orange and T-Mobile.  Orange and T-Mobile will continue to exist in the UK for the foreseeable future but it will be interesting to see if the new brand become the home of their 4G products. Intriguing… 

Watch this space for more info! 

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio on T-Mobile

If neither Orange nor Three are the network for you, you can now choose to get your HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio with T-Mobile. This phone is ideal for all the music lovers among you, as this phone will come with Beats high performance audio technology. This phone is without a doubt stylish, and looks cool when accompanied by Dr Dre headphones.

HTC Sensation with Beats Audio available at T-Mobile

HTC Sensation with Beats Audio available at T-Mobile

There has been a lot of hype around these headphones, and are currently the market leaders in top end headphones, with more people purchasing Beats headphones, compared to companies such as Bose and Sennheiser, who are known for their quality. That’s why this phone is a great choice for many people, as not only is it a great phone, but it also comes with a superb music package.

The HTC Sensation XE has an impressive 4.7 inch screen, and a 1.5 GHz processor, which allows you to enjoy music at a whole new level.  It doesn’t end there, the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio also comes with an 8MP camera, which not only has autofocus, but also an LED flash, and if you like your movies, then you’re going to love recording your own with this camera and its 1080p HD video.

T-Mobiles HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio, is available for £35 a month.

T-Mobile also has a number of price drops this month including:

–          BlackBerry Torch 9860 is free from £30.52 on a 24 month contract

–          LG Optimus One from £7.66 a month, the ZTE Atlas and HTC Pico for £10.21 a month, and the Acer C6 for £15.32 a month – LIMITED TIME ONLY 24/11/2011 – 05/12/2011

–          Apple iPhone 3GS (8GB) on the Skinny Plan is free from £15.32 on a 24 month contract

Hurry and take advantage of these great offers!

iPhone 4S pre-orders – Vodafone and T-Mobile move first

24 hours PJ (Post-Jobs) and the Apple juggernaut rolls on… iPhone 4S pre-orders are now being taken by the following companies:

  • T-Mobile – Free from £45.96 per month, £239.99 for £25.54 per month.  Lots more options available too.

T-Mobile iPhone 4S Pre-Order

T-Mobile iPhone 4S Pre-Order

  • Vodafone – Free from £46 per month or £359 for £26 per month.  Lots more options available too.

Vodafone iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

Watch this space for new of pre-orders for Orange, 3 and O2…

Orange and T-Mobile launch iPad contract deals

Orange and T-Mobile have each launched iPad contract deals – that’s right, get a cheap iPad when you sign up to a contract with a mobile network, just like you do with a mobile phone.iPad on Contract

Existing Orange customers can pick up a new 16GB 3G + WiFi iPad for £199 (normally worth £529) if they sign up to a £25 a month (£27 for new customers) 24 month iPad contract.

The iPad contract includes 1GB of data, unlimited WiFi hotspot access with BT Openzone (which covers most branches of Starbucks!) plus 1GB of ‘Quiet Time’ data between midnight and 6am.

Yes, the ‘Quiet Time’ tariff is pretty useless unless you’re an insomniac who leaves the house at night, you work the night shift or you take your iPad clubbing with you but I’m sure someone out there will use it productively. If you have a good, or ridiculous, idea for how to make use of the ‘Quiet Time 1GB’ please leave a comment below :) (Keep it clean tho!)

T-Mobile, who are now part of the same company as Orange, offer the same contract minus the BT Openzone WiFi access.  If you hate Starbucks or you don’t want to risk spilling your extra hot, extra shot vanilla skinny latte onto your expensive new pride and joy then perhaps T-Mobile is worth a look.

Check out the Orange deal here and the T-Mobile deal here

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Starbucks WiFi Hotspots to be run by BT Openzone

Starbucks Wi-Fi Starbucks has agreed a deal with BT Openzone to replace T-Mobile as the provider of WiFi in Starbucks coffee shops across the UK.  BT have signed up for 5 years and they have already started installing the service in Starbucks stores with the rollout complete by the end of the summer.

The great news for O2 customers is that BT Openzone partners with O2 to provide WiFi access to its customers and you’ll soon be able to get WiFi access on your iPhone in every Starbucks in the UK! On top of this O2’s mobile broadband customers will get access to BT Openzone WiFi from the summer.  Those of us with O2 mobile broadband will be able to browse ebay, watch iPlayer or check our emails whilst sipping a vanilla latte and chewing on an outrageously big muffin.

Go to O2.co.uk to see their latest mobile broadband deals

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