WeSC Oboe Headphones: Review

WeSC Oboe headphones

WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) are a Swedish clothing brand, which have played on the underdog image in the UK, but are in fact one of Sweden’s biggest clothing companies. A couple of years ago they dove into the headphone market, going for cool yet quality devices. Recently these have become very popular, you see them wrapped around heads in London more and more each month.

My favourite design are the WeSC Oboe headphones. Quality tones meets a retro design that are functional and stylish. They come in lots of colours, such as white, black, yellow, red and the inserts on the side in silver and gold.  I plumped for green grape ones with gold inserts. They are very comfy thanks to the soft cushioning, and can be worn for hours without discomfort. The wire that travels from the left ear cone to a 3.5mm jack is made out of cord, are very strong and have a connector to split the headphones from the cable which is great. You can take them off, but keep the cable tucked inside your top. The newest Oboe headphones even have an in-line mic, ideal for an iPhone user to listen to your tunes and take calls.

The tech itself is thanks to JL Audio, whose “JL” logo gets branded on the side also. As standard, they offer nice rich, deep bass tones and enough treble to balance it nicely. The on-ear design kills outside noise, and unlike some on-ear phones the sound does hit you deep in your head, and not like something playing out of speakers on your ears. With a decent MP3 player, you can change the levels on the equaliser, and make these sound even better.

Ultimately, I can’t say enough good things about these headphones for the money. The Oboe design ranges from £40 to £70 depending on colour, in-line mic and which year you grab. 2011 models and colours are now cheaper than the 2012 designs.

If you don’t want to cough up big bucks for Dr. Dre’s headphones, or B&W headphones, but still want top quality sounds kissing your ears, WeSC headphones are the ones to go for. Hey, I’m a big tech head and these are my weapon of choice. Even for online gaming on the PC they are spot on. 

Happy headphone shopping :-)

 – Gary Cook