The Magic Candy Factory lets you 3D print your own sweets!

3D printed sweetHaribo, Percy Pigs, Gummy Bears… who doesn’t love a gummy sweet?! And while there may already be a massive variety to choose from, it’s now possible to design and make your very own using a 3D printer!

German confectionary company, Katjes has installed a 3D printer for gummy sweets, called the Magic Candy Factory at the Café Grün-Ohr in Berlin, which it claims is the first 3D printer for food available to the public.

Customers can currently choose from a range of different animal shapes or lettering, and can tailor their design using a combination of ten different flavours and seven colours. However, the company plans to introduce even more shapes and flavours in the near future.

3D printed sweetOnce the individual has entered their specifications using an iPad based user interface, the machine sets about printing their bespoke creation using heated candy, which cools and hardens as additional layers are added. Each 10g sweet takes around 5 minutes to print and costs 5 euros (£3.70). It may seem like a lot for a sweet, but it definitely gets you a whole lot of novelty value!

While the exact ingredients are confidential, the sweets are predominantly made from pectin, sugar and fruit extracts, reportedly containing almost no allergens whatsoever. They are also lactose, gluten and gelatin free, making them suitable for vegans.

What do you think of the Magic Candy Factory? Would you eat a 3D printed sweet?


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