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The New iPad. iLike it a lot

As many of you may know, the new iPad has been announced, and is due to be released online and in store, come the 16th March, and here we like it.

Apple New iPad 3

For those that might have missed Apple’s Event on the 7th March, the New iPad, or iPad 3 are many were expecting it to be called was announced, and with it some really smart new features. Apple’s Retina display makes it way on to the new iPad. A retina display is a screen that has more pixels per inch than a naked human eye can see, so at reading distance, you cannot make out the individual pixels. The iPad actually has more pixels than your HD TV at home, which would have 1920 x 1080 which is nothing compared to the 2048 x 1536 the iPad has.

All these pixels need some serious power behind it to make videos and images flow smoothly, so Apple have added their new dual-core A5X chip. The X stands for quad-core graphics which helps drive four times the amount of pixels of the iPad 2. Don’t worry though, it still has that great 10 hours of battery life.

 Another great feature, finally I cry, is the 5MP camera which lots of tablets have had for a while. Apple call this the iSight Camera, as it uses the same backside illumination sensor 

seen in the iPhone 4S, and the 5 level lens with infrared filter with generally just better optics.

 I’d talk about 4G LTE connectivity here, but in the UK that’s not needed right now.

Please, sit back and watch this video on the new iPad here

There are lots more features I could go on about, but just quickly, it now has Dictation so as Apple put it, “Talking is the new typing” as well as iCloud and an update to iOS which brings some nice new features and improvements.

We’ve heard that people are already lining up outside Regent Street’s Apple Store in London with their tents and sleeping bags. Good luck if you’re queuing up, and enjoy it to those that are getting one.For all those wanting one now, 3 are to offer the new iPad in the UK on March 16th on some extraordinary deals. I’m sure everyone knows that on release to get one for free is very difficult, but if you put down £99 and are willing to shell out £29 a month for a 24 month deal, the New iPad 16GB can be yours, with a 15GB data allowance. Not bad, not bad at all. Makes me want to ditch my Motorola Xoom for this tablet.

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