Turn your TV into a smart TV with Sky Sports and Movies for only £9.99, Now!

NowTVboxWe’ve all been there… The big match is on and you just want to watch it in the comfort of your own home. Or, all you want is a quiet night in with a movie and the only thing that’s on is “Mr & Mrs Smith”, again. It’s times like these you wish you had Sky TV. But with a basic subscription, including Sky Sports and Sky Movies add-ons, coming in at £59.50 per month, on a 12 month contract, for many it can be pretty hard to justify. If only it was possible to have Sky on a pay-per-view basis…

Well, now you can! Sky has just released the Now TV box, which allows those without a smart TV to connect wirelessly to the Internet and access BBC iPlayer, 5 Demand, Sky News and a range of apps including Facebook, Spotify and Flickr. The Now TV box also allows you to access Sky Movies, both live and on demand, for a monthly fee of only £8.99 (there’s also a 30 day free trial), and access to Sky Sports on a pay-per-view basis for only £9.99 for a day pass.

What’s even better is that the Now TV box costs only £9.99, which is an absolute steal! As pointed out in this review by The Telegraph, it costs practically the same price as an HDMI cable, and you get one of those with your Now TV box!

We’ll be getting our hands on one over the weekend and will post a review early next week, so watch this space…

You too can pick one up from Now TV  (price includes postage and packaging). And let’s face it, for only a tenner, it’d be silly not to really!

Over to you…

Have you got hold of a Now TV box yet? What do you make of it?

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